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The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper of Lost Things - Ruth Hogan 3.5 stars

The secondary story of Eunice and Bomber made the book for me. I would have read a whole book about their relationship. The second best part was the short stories about how the some of the objects were lost. These were often dark or devious - quite different from the main storyline.

The main storyline, especially the romance between Laura and Freddy, was predictable and I felt that the love story was thrown in because the author was told it was necessary (they were fairly dull characters and the romance lacked passion - seemed more a romance of convenience). I would have been happier for Laura to really come into her own with a friendship and possibility of the romance on the horizon, but hey, that's just me.

I was surprised that later on there was some magical realism with ghosts and some sixth sense courtesy of Sunshine, Laura's young neighbor and new best friend, thrown into the mix.

The story was a bit uneven, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Once Burned

Once Burned - Alexa Land Reviewed for Sinfully.

3.5 stars

This is another sweet romance from Alexa Land. The glimpses of the sexy Spanish painter we have gotten in prior books just scratch the surface of Ignacio Mondelvano. He is self-assured and passionate and goes after what he wants, which in this case is arson investigator Cameron Doyle. After Ignacio buys Cameron in the charity bachelor auction they are both participating in, the two spend a night together before Ignacio will be leaving the country for weeks for a job.

Cam has low self-esteem and is not ready to trust another man, or his own judgment, after the events in Armor left him shaken and betrayed, both personally and professionally. He believes Ignacio can't possibly want someone as plain and average as himself. Ignacio is ready to do what he can to convince Cam how much he desires him. Ignacio is all, devil-may-care and live in the moment, but he has a vulnerability and sadness about him, not letting many people in, and he literally wears some of his past hurts on his sleeve.

It turns out that Ignacio is just the man to bring some light and color to Cam's dreary world while Cam becomes an anchor for Ignacio. Like most of the stories in this series, the two men are quickly inseparable (even if it’s over video chat) falling fast for each other, but their separation does allow them to talk and develop a relationship not based sex.

Cam also travels to Ireland to help his estranged father. Here is another case of a relationship gone bad where cam wonders whether he should let the past bind him. If there is the possibility that his father has seen the errors of his ways, Cam doesn’t want to miss out on it.

I didn't see Ignacio's secret coming.

Ignacio’s love was clearly what Cam needed to heal and that becomes evident after it comes out, though I was hoping for a bit more angst and consideration after all is revealed. My heart ached for what Cameron went through in [b:Armor|34323583|Armor (Firsts and Forever #13.5)|Alexa Land||55385274] and I thought it would take a bit more for him to forgive Ignacio. After all, Ignacio did break Cameron’s one condition going into the relationship – total honesty. But maybe that’s just me because I love angst and conflict in my books. I completely recognize that realizing his love for Ignacio is real and that Ignacio didn’t lie about loving Cam, shows that Cam has moved forward in being able to trust his judgment and his feelings for Ignacio. Ignacio is also willing to own what he did and face any consequences.

I enjoyed so much about this book, especially the two men. They make a wonderful couple and they have such an easy way with each other. I’ve been reading this series for years and still always look forward to the next installment. Why 3.5 stars then? Alexa Land’s writing has grown so much and this book is just as sweet, sexy and fun as the others but part of it left me wanting. Maybe because this book was shorter than most of the others, I felt that some aspects of the storyline were a bit rushed, especially once Ignacio’s secret came out. This is still a wonderful story and I would recommend it. I think it can easily be read as a standalone, but readers of the series will love the cameos that bring more news for the extended Dombruso family. If you’re just jumping in, be assured focus is on the relationship between Cam and Ignacio and the romance plays out here from their first meeting.


Suspicious Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 2)

Suspicious Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 2) - L.A. Witt, Cari Z. I waited far too long before reviewing so I'll just say I really enjoyed the series. Good romantic suspense. Definitely recommended.

Romantic Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 4)

Romantic Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 4) - Cari Z., L.A. Witt Nice wrap up to the series. No mystery or suspense here other than the whole "why do smart adults try to please everyone else but themselves when planning their wedding." I have limited tolerance in real-life for people who allow others to dictate what they need to do for their wedding so I'm not always a big fan of it in fiction and did find myself yelling at my kindle because of it.

I did love seeing Darren take care of some nasty business as far as Andreas' family goes. Good to see them get their HEA.

Reckless Behavior

Reckless Behavior - L.A. Witt, Cari Z. I waited far too long before reviewing so I'll just say I really enjoyed the series. Good romantic suspense. Definitely recommended.

The Summer of Us

The Summer of Us - Lily Morton 3.5 stars


Stronger (Breaking Free #3.5) - A.M. Arthur This story is different from the others in that it follows a beta couple.

If you’ve been following the series, you’re going to want to read Serge and Dex’s story. Serge and Dex are awaiting the birth of the child they are adopting and we get a flashback to when they met and their dating life. This all provides a better understanding of why the men were so willing to jump in to help Braun and the other omegas in the story.

Betas are generally free to live the life they want. They work, date and marry, but are also still fodder for abusive alphas. Just like the omegas we’ve met in the prior books, Serge and Dex have suffered their share of abuse.

We see how Serge’s relationship with Tarek and other alphas were cause for suspicion on Dex’s part and how he initially resisted Serge’s attempts to connect. We also get to see their relationship grow from tentative friends to the solid and loving couple they are when we first met them in book one.

With plenty of emotional ups and downs and a very happy ending, this is a must read for fans of the series!

Where Death Meets the Devil

Where Death Meets the Devil - L.J. Hayward Reviewed for Sinfully.

4.5 stars

Read the blurb for this book and that's all you need to know going into it. Told from Jack's point of view with chapters alternating between "then", a year ago with Jack on a mission deep undercover in the Australian desert where Ethan Blade enters his life, and "now" when Ethan returns.

The story unfolds alternating with chapters from "then" and "now". The parallel chapters worked very well. Something that comes up "now" that you can't really figure out is then tied to something in the following "then" chapter making decisions and actions clearer. It builds the story of Ethan and Jack and ties Jack's ill-fated mission to Ethan's return piece by piece.

Betrayal, loyalty and trust are the main themes running through the story. Whether it's personal or business or something in between, Jack is tested throughout.

Jack - ex-military, now a meta-state asset, has done what he has in order to protect his family and his country. His motives remain, but he has started to wonder if he's been used as a pawn. With his loyalty being questioned by his employers, Ethan only confused things more during the time they spent in the desert a year ago. When he shows back up in Jack's life things get even more confusing. Having Jack's point of view throughout the story makes him a character that you know well by the end of the book. While his motivation for what he does remains the same, he looks differently at how to achieve it and how those around him act.

Is Ethan Blade a sociopath? Does he have a conscience? He's brutal, but charming and there is a story behind why he does what he does. From the beginning Jack catches glimpses of a sadness and vulnerability in the man. While we know more about Ethan by the end of the book, the reader, and Jack, still only know what he wants us to.

Ethan and Jack have a great chemistry whether they're fighting, bantering or fucking. Enemies to grudging partners in survival, back to enemies then to lovers of a sort. Both have a healthy respect for the other's talents, abilities and intellect. It's a slow burn with plenty of tension. Even though they were only together for a short while "then", with the amount of emotional and physical trauma and turmoil it seems like they were together much longer. In the "now" the dynamic continues. They have a simmering attraction to each other that I ate up.

The storyline that plays out is a constant back-and-forth. You're never sure who is playing whom, what is the truth and what the motives of the players are, although as the narrative progresses, you have a better feel for some of it. There is plenty of action. Both men have the action-hero thing going on and Jack even has a hi-tech enhancement in one area which gives this story a slightly futuristic spin, though it feels firmly set in the present.

This is a story I imagine many readers will race through - full of action, intrigue and suspense - but after the first few chapters I found myself slowing down and carefully reading every exchange between Ethan and Jack, looking for the hidden meanings in their words and the clues as to where they were both coming from and where they might be headed.

The ending is a definite HFN, with no mention of a sequel. The setup is there and I would love to read more of these two, especially considering the one important aspect of their relationship that never happened - I won't say what it is, but you'll know what's missing when you read it and you'll probably be wanting that scene as much as I was. I would absolutely read more, but the story is complete and at the end I was satisfied with where they stand. Highly recommended for those who like romantic suspense that is heavy on the action and complex characters that will keep you hanging on their every move.



Perfect (Soulmates #3) - Felice Stevens Reviewed for Sinfully.

While this is the fourth story in the Soulmates series it is a standalone, but it does have ties to [b:One Call Away|33850582|One Call Away (Soulmates, #2)|Felice Stevens||54792313] (Noah and Oren’s story). Jeremy is Noah’s brother and the timeline of this story begins before and flows into the events there. Other than that, there is no reason not to jump into this book even if you haven’t read the prior stories – although I highly recommend them on their own as well.

When Jeremy and Blake meet on a sidewalk on a snowy night, they seem as different as can be; Jeremy, the outgoing, muscled gym owner and Blake the shy, quiet, plain accountant. Something about Blake instantly attracts Jeremy and he quickly puts the moves on Blake, who is like nobody he has ever been with.

Jeremy doesn't believe in love and dates around. Blake rarely dates and doesn't get emotionally involved with people. He likes his orderly life as it is. Jeremy is tired of being judged as a no-brained gym rat. Blake sees him as a go-getter and smart businessman, even if he does occasionally comment on Jeremy's pretty face or blows off discussing his work. Blake fears he's too boring for the gorgeous, successful Jeremy, who is always commenting on Blake's prestigious job, and figures that it's just a matter of time before Jeremy walks away. What they didn't expect is how quickly they manage to fall into a relationship and how surprisingly well they fit sexually and emotionally - two imperfect men who just might be perfect for each other. With Jeremy, Blake feels safe and is able to be sexually adventurous and give up some control, while Blake brings out the romantic, protective side of Jeremy and makes him feel special, which is something new for him. Another first for both men is believing that love may just be a possibility.

While they both have wonderful siblings they each have big insecurities thanks to their parents. Blake's brought on by his father and Jeremy's by his mother. No matter how good things seem, neither can fully quell their fears and worries. Blake is holding back from completely opening up to Jeremy and Jeremy can't shake the feeling that Blake doesn't see him as an equal, but both men definitely want to hold onto the other as long as it can last.

This is another beautifully written book by Felice Stevens. Jeremy and Blake really bring out the best in each other and I enjoyed watching them navigating the relationship angle of things. Neither has had a serious relationship before and both men struggle with it quite a bit where communication is concerned. Neither is great at it, but Jeremy is more assertive than Blake and does his best to let Blake know what his feelings are. While Blake promises to be open and honest with Jeremy, it's not something that comes easily. They seem to be doing great together until Blake breaks that promise to Jeremy by lying to him when he should be seeking his support and everything spirals out of control. This is where the tension really built, waiting for Blake's house of lies and deception to come crashing down and, if you've read One Call Away, you know a little of what to expect when it does. Soon his emotional turmoil is manifesting itself physically as well, causing him to put even more distance between himself and Jeremy until he makes one more bad decision that completely guts both of them and also gutted me as the reader.

I’ll admit that Blake frustrated me so much at times. His father did a number on his self-esteem as a child and he still carries the emotional scars as a successful adult. He is passive and doubts his worth, not trusting Jeremy's declarations of love to last. He puts up walls and shuts Jeremy out and no matter what Jeremy says to him, he is always telling himself a version of ‘well you say that now but you’ll be gone when you see I’m not worth it’. Jeremy is a sweetheart and just wants someone to put him first and make him feel like he’s a priority in their life. The pressure they both feel to be perfect in the other’s eyes contributes to a lot of the worries and both men have a hard time putting that aside. Luckily they both have Jeremy’s psychologist brother Noah to try and help put things in perspective. I adore how they came full circle, finally realizing there is no such thing as perfection, but there is such a thing as two people being perfect for each other.

This is another winner for Felice Stevens fans or for anyone who likes stories where the road to HEA is a bit bumpy - and the tiniest bit kinky. Both men have to work hard for it but that just makes it all that much sweeter in the end.


Joshua's Rainbow

Joshua's Rainbow - Victoria Sue Reviewed for Sinfully.

Running a run-down hotel on the private island of Rainbow Key, something left to him by his savior Clive, should be everything Joshua could want, but without the proper funds to renovate the hotel and with time ticking down to meet the terms of the trust and the will, Joshua fears he and his friends will be forced to find a new home very soon. Just as Clive helped Joshua, Joshua is now stepping up to do the same with Ben, Charlie, Matt and the others who work and live on Rainbow Key, whether they can stay on the island or not.

When Daniel’s best friend sends him to Rainbow Key, Daniel can’t help but start thinking about the place with the eye of the resort developer he is, especially since he knows his company has tried to buy the island in the past. That mindset is soon put to the test by Joshua and his staff and Daniel tries to be a guest there for relaxation as opposed to a man on a business mission, although he also starts to think that maybe he could be just the person to help Joshua and the resort succeed in its goal. Daniel is quite taken with the shy young Joshua and as the two spend time together, both their secrets start gnawing at them.

The alternating points of view give a good look into the mindset of both men, who are so different on the outside. Josh has self-esteem issues going back to his awful childhood and teenage years and can’t believe that the rich, handsome Daniel would take an interest. Daniel is feeling old and washed up and is just as boggled that the young Joshua wants him. A bit of fun is all well and good, but soon both men know there’s more to it than that.

I really enjoyed the relationship between the men. Daniel sees so much in Joshua, the things Joshua never sees in himself, and brings a whole lot of light to his life. Joshua tries to be strong for and take care of everyone and he jumps right in to make sure Daniel is cared for seeing that Daniel has done little to care for himself. They are a perfect balance for each other and I loved the protective side of Daniel, which quickly extended past just Joshua. When secrets and misunderstandings combine at the worst possible time Joshua fears he was right about his first impression of Daniel and that it will be the end of Rainbow Key and his island family.

Everybody at Rainbow Key is there for sanctuary, to recover or to hide, to find a sense of safety and acceptance for who they are. They have made a family on that island and I loved that part of the book. Without taking anything away from the main storyline and making it seem like a setup vehicle for a series, Victoria Sue introduces the other residents (and I assume future MCs of their own stories) as a natural part of the story and already has me caring and invested in their HEA as well. Charlie, Ben and Matt are all integral to Joshua and Rainbow Key and their presence enhanced what the island and the resort mean. They are a family. Even with all the difficulties the men have faced and the threat to their future, the story is full of hope and love, but I bet you’ll shed a tear or two while reading.

This book hit the right tone for a first in a series and I’ll be looking forward to reading the next book. I highly recommend it to those who enjoy stories about finding unexpected love.


Blood Fury

Blood Fury - J.R. Ward Initial impressions:

Maybe 3.5 stars?

A bland HEA for Saxton - but he did get to wield a dagger and work through his feelings for Blay. I've been waiting for Saxton's story for so long. We really didn't learn a lot about him here. As much as Ruhn, having grown up lower class, doesn't really understand same sex relationships, he falls into his relationship with Saxton very easily. I liked Ruhn's back story and it made for a nice opposites attract pairing, but the whole storyline felt rushed and predictable. In fact both storylines rely on near death scenarios to jumpstart actions - something that's getting really old now.

I ended up liking Peyton. We knew from the start he was more than his rich, party-boy image. His storyline parallels Saxton's a bit as both have daddy issues. Peyton's father is awful and there is a storyline there that was left hanging.

More watered down trainees (Novo gets the same treatment Axe did in [b:Blood Vow|29496208|Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2)|J.R. Ward||49782231]). Novo is a bad ass, has been since day one, but of course she has a deep dark secret. She also has no back bone when it comes to her awful sister and mother. I really didn't get why she allowed the sister to steamroll her.

Peyton and Novo together? They would make good BFFs or even, if they get their act together, good partners in the field. As far as their romance - not feeling it. Overall, the couples lack chemistry in this spin-off series and I'm not sure why.

Predictable, low on action, crappy editing, seems to be par for the course with the series. But hey, thanks to the two main men being part of the glymera we were spared a lot of the ridiculous bro talk that peppers most of the BDB stories so #props though there still were enough bad pop culture references.

Cameos from Manny, Luchas and Assail's screams. Bitty, Rhage and Mary are there too, and of course Wrath, but the book kept a tight focus on the two main storylines.

Only one more storyline in this world now that will have me coming back for more and that's Lassiter. I know Ward is intending to cross-over characters from her other series (which I don't read) and I have feeling that would be the final death knell for me as the BDB world already has so many branches and characters who are mentioned as important and never seen again (Muhrder anyone?)

Full review to come... maybe.

I'm only in it for Saxton's story. Please don't let it suck.

The Winning Edge

The Winning Edge - Keira Andrews Reviewed for Sinfully.

It seems like the Winter Olympics brings out the ice skating fan in everyone, so what better time to read an ice skater romance. The Winning Edge is a rivals to lovers story about pairs skaters Mikhail (Russia) and Dev (US).

Fiercely competitive on the ice, the US can never seem to beat the Russian champions. Dev and Mikhail dislike each other so much, even though underneath there is something else bubbling which explodes in the locker room after a competition. This one hook-up proves to be an unforgettable distraction for both men and a repeat is in store for theme the next time they meet regardless of what a bad idea it is. While everything is heating up in private, the men need to keep their competitive façade up. Neither is out in the skating world which is something that would affect both their careers, but they are out to their skating partners and families. The danger of being caught is very real and could be a detriment to both their careers and be devastating for Mikhail/Misha in particular.

The story follows them through a year of competition, from the lead-up to the Olympics, to their life afterwards in the off-season as the two deal with the latent homophobia in the skating world, the danger Mikhail faces in his home country and his feelings of responsibility to his partner Kisa and their families. Both have some big decisions to make as far as their careers and lives afterward go. Mikhail’s story is particularly worrisome and his sense of responsibility to everyone around him is the biggest stumbling block in his relationship with Dev. On the other hand, Dev is afraid of what his family will think of him being with Misha and what coming out would do to any opportunities he and his partner might have in the professional skating world. Dev’s partner, Bailey does her best to set him straight and is a fantastic support to him. Misha’s partner Kisa is likewise supportive and he has a strong family rooting for him as well.

The first part of the story focuses more on the two getting into the physical relationship while the second part of the story deals with the emotional drama of their decision to give a real relationship a try. What gives the story its tension is the real consequences that could befall not just Misha but his and his partner's families in Russia if he is outed. For Dev the professional consequences are less certain and his real fear seems to be what his mother will think of the relationship.

The story has a bit of everything, competition, secret romance, hot dirty-talk and sex, family issues and characters you’ll enjoy. I wasn’t always a big fan of the time jumps, but it didn’t change my enjoyment of the story. There is enough detail about skating to put you firmly in that world and feel the tension during the competition scenes without it becoming too technically bogged down.

If you’re one of those people who want to enhance their enjoyment of the Olympics with a skater romance or just like the rivals to lovers or secret relationship storyline, this story will definitely satisfy those cravings.


Bromantically Yours

Bromantically Yours - K.C. Wells Reviewed at Sinfully.

If you want a quick, light, no-angst, friends to lovers romance for Valentine’s Day, Bromantically Yours just might fit the bill, especially if you’ve already read K.C. Wells’ [b:Out of the Shadows|35455651|Out of the Shadows|K.C. Wells||56844321] where Nate and Dylan were first introduced (while reading it isn’t necessary to the story, the background of all the players is there and it would definitely enhance your reading experience of this novella).

Nate and Dylan have been best friends going on 20 years, and along with their friends Logan, Josh and Christian, they are a tight-knit group. When a group night out becomes just Nate and Dylan, they return to Nate’s house, which is nothing out of the ordinary except this time a few drinks and some porn turns into something they never expected. After a brief bit of worry, and some support from their friends, Nate and Dylan decide to give some romance a try.

While Nate and Dylan don’t need to go through the getting to know you phase, they do need to get through a getting to know you in a different light phase and this plays out with sweetness and humor as they stumble through dates and trying to impress the other. They also start remembering feelings that were pushed aside for not making sense and that, along with their friends’ reactions help them accept what’s happening.

Even though they already love each other, the possibility of being in love is at times scary, sexy and unbelievable for each of them, but they take everything in stride without any big misunderstandings or panicked stupid moves. I loved that when things got physical, they had fun with it. This being a Valentine’s Day story there is, of course, the big date, pulling out all the stops to impress like any new couple would want to do on their first one, and it played out perfectly. Other than a slight bit of tension when one of the men comes out to his mother, the story sails along with romance, fun, love and steam.

If you want a short, sweet romance about two best bro’s finally falling into a relationship that all their friends have been waiting for, but they never saw coming, you should give this one a try.


Pulled by a Dream (The Matthews Brothers Trilogy #1)

Pulled by a Dream (The Matthews Brothers Trilogy #1) - Kathryn Greenway Free on Amazon through Feb 16, 2018!

P.S. I Spook You

P.S. I Spook You - S.E. Harmon This was a fun story that is equal parts mystery and relationship story. Rain is an FBI Agent who sees ghosts, and now everyone on the job, including his boss, thinks he’s crazy. Just back from leave, he is given a chance to redeem himself with a choice of cold cases, one of which brings him back to his hometown and Danny, the man he left for his job. Working with Danny brings out plenty of tension, and plenty of old feelings. Also along for the ride is teenage ghost Ethan and his commentary on Rain’s life, as well as his hope Rain will help him.

As Rain and Danny negotiate being close again while dancing around what happened, the cold case becomes hot, as does their relationship. Told from Rain’s POV you can’t help but feel for the guy. He just doesn’t know what to do about the ghosts that are always there – both literally and figuratively. There is snark, dirty talk, hot sex, danger and lots of unresolved issues. All that and a mystery that will keep you wondering up until an unfortunate TSTL moment near the end, but it’s still worth the read of what’s otherwise a very enjoyable romantic paranormal mystery.

Bobby Green

Bobby Green - Amy Lane Reviewed for Sinfully.

Vern graduates high school and at 18 leaves his small hometown. He's truly hoping to be able to help get his mother out of that town even if he lies to himself a bit about not running away from everything that's confusing him. He leaves behind a girlfriend, as well as her brother, who he had been exchanging blowjobs with behind her back. When Vern tries to put a stop to things with Keith, he threatens to spread rumors through their town, which would make life difficult for Vern’s mother. Vern is confused about the feelings he has for Keith, and tries to put it behind him. When he becomes “Bobby” and begins shooting gay porn for Johnnies, the feelings only get stronger no matter how much he tries to explain to himself that he’s not gay and no matter how he attracted he is to the older, sweetheart of a model Reg.

Having been with Johnnies for 10 years, Reg enjoys his job and the men he works with. Reg is not very smart but he has a huge heart. He has done his best to make a life for himself and his paranoid schizophrenic older sister. He is in a bad situation trying to care for Veronica who first manipulated him as a teen into signing conservatorship papers after their mother and sister walked out on them. The promise he couldn’t fully understand when he made it so long ago has cost him a lot and is only getting harder to keep as Veronica’s condition worsens. Reg can’t help but remember the sister he loved as a child and how she protected him and he can’t bring himself to send her away, even though he now has to sleep with one eye open and hide the kitchen knives for fear of her violent rages. Bobby offers him comfort and companionship and makes him wish for things he never considered before, but Reg knows it would just be a matter of time before his situation drives Bobby away.

This is a slow burn as Bobby and Reg become friends. Bobby helps Reg with his house and his sister (as do all the Johnnies men). There are shared touches, and a huge emotional bond growing between them, but both are confused as to their sexuality. Neither thinks they are gay since they both like girls. It's clear that Bobby also has feelings for men and that those feelings are a lot more genuine than what he feels for his girlfriend. Reg seems to be bisexual, but he's not really sure what that means or how to make a relationship work with a guy. They both are starved for touch and affection though and find that comfort with each other, but Bobby refuses to have sex with Reg and that really throws Reg for a loop.

Communication is difficult between them, considering they can’t even be honest with themselves. They are so wrapped up in not being gay, not allowing themselves to go with what they feel, that they wind up hurting each other along the way, but when they finally start to open their eyes, they quickly realize that they can’t be without the other. Their relationship struggles did bring a few tears to my eyes.

I was a bit worried at first with how Reg was going to be portrayed, but I found Amy Lane did a good job of explaining the situation. He may not have a high IQ, but he’s not impaired. His upbringing has a lot to do with why he sees himself as “stupid” and the more you get to know him, the more you understand. I’ll admit to frustration with Bobby and why it took so long for it to occur to him to break up with the girlfriend he had no interest in and dreaded going back home to. I did understand the other worries he had about leaving his mother behind in Dogpatch. His mom is a wonderful secondary character and a great addition to the Johnnies cast. The biggest issue facing the men though is Veronica and it’s a story that’s not always easy to read with no simple solution.

The story runs concurrently with the timeline in the other books. While this could work as a standalone, I would suggest at least reading the amazing [b:Chase in Shadow|13423284|Chase in Shadow (Johnnies, #1)|Amy Lane||18870311] (though it’s a bit of a tough, angsty read dealing with mental illness as well) and [b:Dex in Blue|15832828|Dex in Blue (Johnnies, #2)|Amy Lane||21568953] (still angsty but not the subject matter may not be as difficult) in order to have a better understanding of the Johnnies world and what’s going on with the other men in the story.

Not nearly as gut-wrenching as Chase or Dex’s story, there is still the emotional turmoil that the Johnnies series does so well. A running theme in these stories is building a family from those who support you even when they are not blood and that continues here. I always love it when Dex and crew step up to protect and care for their own, and they are all back here doing it again for more than just Bobby and Reg as we get to know a few more of the Johnnies models. Bobby and Reg fit right into the Johnnies mold. If you love classic Amy Lane, you will definitely find it here.


I think I've been waiting for a Bobby story since Dex in Blue. *fingers crossed*

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