Going Home

Going Home - Max Vos I've been meaning to read Max Vos for a while now, so when I saw the content warning and the growing chatter on Facebook, I figured I'd jump on this one before I was spoiled and I'm very glad I did. This book definitely won't be for everyone and does challenge you to consider what exactly you mean when you say love is love as long as it's between consenting adults who aren't hurting anyone.

I fell for Carter straight off. Growing up knowing he was unloved, he still managed to make the best of things and is now working in his chosen field as a feature writer for a well known gay publication. He is not thrilled with his current assignment as he makes his way out to an isolated ranch in Indiana to interview Matt Evans and Carl Foltz about their chosen lifestyle, one that turns his stomach. Matt and Carl have been together for about eight years when we meet them and obviously have a loving and strong relationship. Carter soon finds his judgment of the men challenged as he observes their relationship and records their candid responses to his interview questions, and in three weeks finds his life changing more than he ever expected.

I have to admit my stomach did briefly sink at the end of the first chapter when I found out what was going on, but the story was presented in a way that makes you think. Max Vos did a good job of laying the groundwork and telling the story from each man's point of view through the interview process.

My only real issue with the story was the insta-love on the part of Matt and Carl when it comes to Carter. I could absolutely see why Carter would fall so quickly based on his past, but I would have liked to see where the feelings came from on the side of the other two men. Getting over that though, I enjoyed the story and Max's writing style. This book also contains some of the filthiest sex scenes I've ever read.

All three men are very likable and I did come to like the way the relationships played out. Max did manage to wrench some sobs for me over the Epilogue, which made me both happy and sad. I will absolutely be reading more of his books in the future.

**10/24/14 - As of today Amazon has pulled this title for "content" but it is still available on ARe.**

**10/25/14 - It is now pulled from ARe as well.**