Laurel Heights 2

Laurel Heights 2 - Lisa Worrall 4.5 stars

A worthy sequel to [b:Laurel Heights|21465089|Laurel Heights (Laurel Heights, #1)|Lisa Worrall||41261047]. I would recommend you read that book first (and if you already did you might want to skim through it to re-familarize yourself with the tease at the end and the cast of characters). While the new case could work standalone, there are events that carry over and finish playing out in this one. If you were left reeling with the last pages of the first book, you will definitely want to see how it plays out here.

Will and Scott are happy living and working together, physically healed from the events of the first book, but Scott's new partner is a source of tension between the two. It's not long at all before a frantic phone call from a friend at Laurel Heights has the men rushing back there. As if that wasn't enough tension, there is a serial killer preying on gay men and there appears to be no evidence as to their identity as the murders escalate.

I don't want to say much more about the plot, but will say that [a:Lisa Worrall|3501047|Lisa Worrall|] kept me guessing up until the end. There were a few surprises and a couple of twists and turns that I did not see coming. I thought both of the main story lines were handled well and we even got into the killer's mind for a bit. Will and Scott are a great couple, but I did miss a bit of the teasing and banter the two shared in the first book. I completely understood the more serious tone between the two based on everything they had been through and how deeply involved they are with the men at risk here. They are still hot as heck and I would definitely recommend this book and happily read more of them in the future.