Hot Mess

Hot Mess - Rowan McAllister I was lucky to pick this up on a Dreamspinner Press tweetaway. It was my first book by the author and I really enjoyed it. The writing and characters were strong, with humor, a slow building romance, tension and just enough drama to keep me interested and invested in the characters.

Cameron is young and trying to get his life together after a harsh childhood, but as much as he tries he makes some poor decisions. Sam is a good man who takes in Cameron as a favor to his sister. He rebuffs Cameron's advances and really just wants to help him out, but even Sam has his limits. Sam's well meaning but (to me) mean-spirited friend and Cameron's horrible family don't help matters either. As the two bond and become friends, Cameron's feelings grow deeper but Sam doesn't seem to notice and this causes Cameron to do something that really rocks what they have built, but also causes him to finally face things he has pushed down for a long time.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading more from Rowan McAllister in the future.