The Replacement (Broken, #6)

The Replacement (Broken, #6) - Kol Anderson I've been addicted to this series since the beginning. It's dark, it had tension, it has made me cry for Aaron and then Carter and I always eagerly await the next installment. For all of those reasons it pains me to say that this last installment actually left me bored and wondering what happened to the momentum of the story and the characters I have come to either love or hate.

Carter is with a new master, but although we are introduced to a number of new people there and spend a lot of story time with them, we learn very little about that arrangement. We also don't know what happened to Tristan, who played a large part helping Carter in a previous episode. Joshua, who is gay and whose boyfriend Carter has now been missing for one year, is still supposed to be devastated and hoping Aaron can help get him back, does something completely out of character having sex with a girl he knew from school that in my opinion served no purpose in the story.

Aaron is now having conflicting feelings about Vincent, who continues to contact him in an attempt to convince Aaron he wants to help and Sebastian is barely an afterthought. It was not until the last paragraphs when something that has been coming for a while now finally happened.

After the high that was Vincent's story in the last episode, this installment left me wondering whether I want to continue with the story or not. The storyline felt dragged out and a lot of new people were introduced into Carter's situation, while Carter as a character seems to have changed overnight into someone I no longer care about. I hate to say that this did not work for me at all, but I would like to see Aaron and Vincent's story come to a resolution.