Arctic Absolution

Arctic Absolution - Lynn Kelling Another fantastic read from [a:Lynn Kelling|5766021|Lynn Kelling|]. There is so much to the story, but I don't want to give any of it away so no spoilers here.

One thing about Lynn's stories is that she does damaged characters so well, and Jaye and Dixon both have their fair share of past horrors. There are so many layers to each character and the more they are peeled back, the more your heart breaks for each man. Jaye is 21 and was brutally ripped out of the normal life he was living. Since that time his instinct is to do what he needs to survive. Dixon, a 32 year old Alaska trooper would do anything to protect those he loves even at his own expense, and that has lead to some poor decisions. The relationship that develops is intense and tender and a bit kinky, and is nothing that either man has ever before had.

The writing and story flowed very well. There is a lot of darkness surrounding the men, and the backdrop of the Alaskan wilds just adds to it. The story does have some graphic scenes of violence so read any warnings before you jump in. If you love a hurt/comfort story of hard won love that is both harsh and beautiful, move this right to the top of your list.