Partners (Equals Book 2)

Partners (Equals Book 2) - Brigham Vaughn I enjoyed this follow-up to [b:Equals|22710266|Equals|Brigham Vaughn||42234312] and you really do need to read these in order, as this one starts right after the end of the first book. Stephen and Russ really grow as a couple in this book, with Russ getting a better feel for Stephen when they go back to his hometown for the funeral of his estranged father.

With Stephen's emotional equilibrium being rocked, Russ has to really step up to support him and take some control and in doing so is able to accept what he brings to the relationship. While the return home is difficult, Stephen is reunited with Miss Esther, an old family friend who is like a grandmother to him and has no problem telling it like it is.

If you enjoyed Equals you will definitely want to read Partners. This was a story with a lot of subtleties and a lot of growth for both the men as individuals and as a couple. I would love to see them back at home putting everything they've learned into their everyday relationship.