What Child is This?: A Crossing Borders Christmas Story

What Child is This?: A Crossing Borders Christmas Story - Z.A. Maxfield This short provided a nice little peek into Michael and Tristan's life, catching up with them around the time of the Epilogue in [b:Crossing Borders|5045589|Crossing Borders (Crossing Borders, #1)|Z.A. Maxfield|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1389016760s/5045589.jpg|5112190]. Michael has arranged a romantic Christmas getaway for him and Tristan to reconnect without the pressures of work and school obligations. The two still have great chemistry and there is one incredibly romantic moment between them at the hotel.

There is a sub-story about some of the teens of Apple House, the home for LGBT teens that Michael runs, that was sweet and also serves to help Michael and Tristan reevaluate the future plans.

I may be biased since Crossing Borders and Michael and Tristan are favorites of mine, but I loved catching up with them and only wished there would be more. I could just imagine Officer Helmet and adrenaline junkie Sparky raising a child together!