Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith - Lexi Ander This picks up shortly after the events of [b:Playing for Keeps|23341804|Playing for Keeps (Unshakable, #1)|Lexi Ander||25388694] and I suggest reading that wonderful free short before reading this one.

I loved that the relationship between AJ, Brock and Trent has only gotten stronger as the men have settled into their new life in Florida. While the kidnapping story was a little bit far fetched at some times, there was an interesting twist to it. In addition, we did get to see Brock, who thinks of himself as the weakest of the three, really come into himself, while Trent's father is proven to be even more horrible than he was in the first story.

One new character, Gent, had me quite intrigued and I wouldn't mind seeing some more of his story. While I wish there was just a little bit more time with the three men together, I enjoyed the story and the ending leaves the possibility of more to come in the future.