Best Laid Intentions

Best Laid Intentions - Talia Carmichael A quick paced, sweet love story with a bit of humor, sexual tension and no drama. When rock star Savage sets his sights on record store owner Taylor he is looking for more than a little bit of fun. Taylor, however, has a lot going on between running his business and raising his 10 year old brother. He is willing to have some fun with Savage, but is not looking for a relationship. Surrounded by friends and family who want the two men to be happy together, what starts as a sweet courtship morphs into a relationship and Taylor begins to second-guess himself, but Savage is determined to keep Taylor as his one and only.

Taylor and Savage had great chemistry and I liked that they took the relationship slowly, becoming close by sharing their day to day lives. Taylor’s younger brother is adorable and bright beyond his years, and I would have liked to see a little bit more of him interacting with the couple as they got closer together. While not angsty or overly dramatic, Taylor’s hesitance and reasons for it were understandable.

Unfortunately, I had not read any other books in the series and I felt a little bit lost with the introduction of Savage’s bandmates and family and references to prior storylines so early in the book. They are definitely meant to be read in order, even though the story mainly focused on the new couple. I’m certain readers of the previous book will enjoy catching up with old characters and watching their relationships continue, but for me I found myself wishing there was less references to the old storyline and a little more time spent with Savage and Taylor.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.