Not As Easy As It Looks

Not As Easy As It Looks - Jaime Samms 3.5 stars

The story focuses on Griff, Howe and Don, from the time they are teenagers and covers about 10 years. Griff and Don are best friends from the time they meet in middle school. Howe is a year ahead of them and enters their lives in High School when he briefly dates Don. Throughout the years the men are together as friends, lovers and family. The relationships amongst them are very complex and the three men very different.

I loved the dynamics and the story, but the jumping back and forth at times took away from things for me a bit. There were points where I really wasn't sure where the relationship was at that given moment in time. I also would have liked to have more of the men actually together. The focus is on the emotional relationship between the men, with very little sex in the story, but there is some very light D/s play in the book. Otherwise it kept me engaged and made me care about the characters.