Curious - R.G. Alexander Friends to lovers, GFY porn with a teeny bit of plot, not generally a problem for me, but the characters got on my nerves. I will admit the men had great chemistry and the abundant sex was aggressive, hot and varied, with plenty of dirty talk.

Bisexual Jeremy has lusted after his straight best friend Owen Finn, a champion womanizer and Master at a local BDSM club, but Jeremy is a part of Owen's family and can keep himself in check. Lest we forget that both men like women, they remind us of it a few times and Finn's friend and frequent playmate Tasha (who Owen has lusted after for years) plays a large secondary role here. As this is the start of a new series, we are also introduced to the rest of the Finn siblings who will be featured in the books to follow (from the set up, I assume they will largely be m/f or m/f/m). Jeremy is shocked when on his birthday Owen decides he wants to experience what he has heard (and seen) Jeremy offers his male partners and reluctantly Jeremy decides to indulge for one night and hope for the best. Of course one night turns into a few weeks before everything blows up for not just Jeremy and Owen, but the other Finn siblings as well.

Like I said, the sex was hot and there was plenty of it, but what lost me was the immaturity and lack of communication amongst all the characters, it started to really grate on me. Owen acts in his own interest regardless of how it affects anyone else; when there is a sign of trouble in the relationship Jeremy decides that Owen is going to leave without looking back and basically gets out the tequila for the pity party; Jen, the only Finn sister who has loser fiancee but is the only one who can't see it, insists on telling Jeremy things that he must keep secret from the other Finns and Tasha is that I demand you tell me everything or I will beat down your apartment door until you do kind of a friend who is keeping secrets of her own.

If you want a quick read with plenty of hot sex and a little light BDSM, and don't mind some m/f and plenty of talk of how much both men love their pussy, this will definitely satisfy that itch, but don't expect to really get to know the two men.