Please Remember Me

Please Remember Me - Jacob Z. Flores I loved this book. It made me laugh, cry, smile and get a little hot and bothered.

The story begins when Hank wakes up from a coma two weeks after a fall at a construction site and has no memory of Santi, the man he has loved for the past three years and is set to marry in a few weeks. From there the story is told of Santi's struggle with "the new Hank", whose last memories include his ex-boyfriend and his life in another State, interspersed with flashbacks that tell their story from the day they met.

I was drawn right into the relationship of the two seemingly opposite men, bearish, pierced, yet still sparkly Hank and buttoned up, conservative, workaholic Santi. Their instant attraction when they meet at a nightclub is the beginning of many life changes for the two of them. A great secondary cast of friends and family round out the group. While their love is seemingly perfect, there is no longer any certainty that they will ever get back to the way things are. Santi is willing to do anything to spark a memory and bring back the man he loves, but is realistic in knowing it may never happen.

I have always been a fan of Jacob Flores' writing, and this has some of the most emotional scenes I've read in any of his books yet. There were moments as the two get reacquainted that just crushed me and ultimately Santi realizes there really is only one thing he can do for the man he loves, even if it destroys him in the process. This book had a little bit of everything, humor, joy, angst, heartache and sex, and I loved every minute of it.