Ed & Marchant (Frankie's Series Book 2)

Ed & Marchant (Frankie's Series Book 2) - Sue Brown This can be read as a standalone but I would suggest reading [b:Frankie & Al|20899362|Frankie & Al|Sue Brown|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1393300885s/20899362.jpg|40262883] first, since Ed was really a villain in that book and you would have a better appreciation for his turnaround in this one.

Sue Brown had me feeling for the previously unlikable Ed from the start of this one, explaining his nastiness to Frankie in the first book. An accidental meeting with Marchant over a spilled soda turns Ed's very ordered life around. While there was a bit of insta-love and sub x-ray vision on Marchant's part, I couldn't help but really enjoy the story. Marchant is patient while Ed struggles with finally accepting himself after years of being beaten down. Frankie and Al are along for the ride as well and it was nice seeing the couple again. I'm looking forward to seeing more of both of the couples in the next book.