A Way Home (Gay Amish Romance Book 3)

A Way Home (Gay Amish Romance Book 3) - Keira Andrews This was a wonderful end to the trilogy, even better, it may not be the very end. Either way, having Isaac and David return to Zebulon was necessary for closure. Did everything turn out like a fairy tale? No, but I think everything turned out the way it should have based upon what was laid out in the previous books, with one or two little surprises. Although the time they spent away from Zebulon was short, it has given Isaac and David the experience they needed to return with a new maturity and point of view. Even though there is still guilt, they know deep down that they could never live the Amish life.

As tough as it was watching Isaac and David return, especially considering the issues they had at the end of the last book, it was just as difficult to see Aaron return to the family that shunned him. Everyone in the town is very involved in this story, and there were some surprising conversations, especially one between Isaac and his mother. I enjoyed all of the story, but the moments between Isaac and David when they were alone were absolutely amazing.

If this turns out to be the end, so be it, but I'm glad to hear that Keira Andrews has some plot bunnies that won't leave her alone that might bring us more Isaac and David in the future. I would love to see them a few years down the road and more settled in their English life.