Life Under New Management

Life Under New Management - Jane Davitt Andy is attempting to become an actor, but really needs a job to keep a roof over his head. He has little other direction and thinks he can rely on his acting skills to get by his interview with Ethan. The interview with the sexy, controlling Ethan throws Andy off, but he is instantly attracted. When Ethan takes pity on a rain-soaked Andy one night, the fun really begins. What starts as a night that will seemingly satisfy Ethan’s desire for control and Andy’s interest in submission turns into a glorious exploration of a pain kink Andy didn’t know he had and an extension of Ethan’s control to the rest of Andy’s life.

The relationship between Ethan and Andy was very complex and quite different from most of the BDSM relationships I’ve seen in books. Ethan doesn’t want a sub, just complete control of the sex, but he does agree to also use his control in other parts of Andy’s life. Andy is all about exploring the limits of his kinks, especially his newfound desire for pain, but when it comes down to it, even though he asked for the other aspects of control, he finds it’s not always as easy to accept that control outside of the bedroom. I will admit to wanting to see some more of their life outside of work and sex to see their bond grow earlier in the relationship (and perhaps an epilogue to round out the ending) but I did get a feeling for their emotional connection as the relationship was tested by outside forces.

I really enjoyed seeing the men work out their kinks, even when they didn’t line up with each other perfectly. Getting to know Ethan under the cool, collected, in-control façade and watching Andy blossom under his guidance with a liberal dose of inventive, hot, kinky sex, made this a book I enjoyed from start to finish.