Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel

Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt Set against the backdrop of the early years of the AIDS epidemic, this was a touching coming of age story. Not only has 14 year old June just lost her Uncle Finn to AIDS, but there are secrets coming out that have her questioning all she has thought about her Uncle and her family.

There are a number of relationships in this book that are tinged with jealousy and misunderstanding. The most egregious is June's mother Danni, whose jealousy and misdirected anger at her brother Finn, over her own inability to stand on her own and move on, has resulted in an emotional blackmail with years of lies and is causing June even more pain as she tries to grieve.

June's relationship with Toby, the only other person she feels might understand her pain, is fraught with complications and her older sister Greta seems to be spiraling downward before her eyes. I related to June and her "weirdness" and Toby was a bright spot in the story. Even Greta grew on me in the end, but I couldn't find myself giving Danni any good thoughts.

Heartbreaking at times, this was a good read with layered relationships and interesting characters that made for a good book club discussion.