Caught on Camera: Part Two

Caught on Camera: Part Two - Lily Harlem This is a HOT little story! It picks up where the first part ends, but could also work as a stand alone (the first part is free, however, and also quite hot).

When Reece and Cade hooked up the first time they were both into it and looking for it to happen again. Although Reece was initially upset at finding out Cade had filmed them, he can’t deny that it excites him. I liked that Reece was able to get over his initial anger and was open to seeing Cade again, but still let Cade know that he was not okay with being manipulated. Once Reece finds out what was really behind the filming and that he could not only hook up with Cade again and make a lot of money, but that Cade was insisting he work only with Reece, his decision to work on Mr. Smythe’s latest porn film is easily made. Reece is nervous, but the chemistry between him and Cade makes it easy to stay in the moment.

As the seduction scene is being filmed and Reece becomes more comfortable in front of the camera, there is a sexy, unexpected twist that had me cheering inside. While the sex may be the main draw, there is another undeniable connection quickly developing between Reece and Cade. With the filming set to continue on location in “Sin City” the possibilities are endless. I’m definitely looking forward to the next scene to see what develops between the men.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.