The Rules of Love

The Rules of Love - Morticia Knight This was my first story by Morticia Knight. I’m a big fan of BDSM books, but have only recently been reading some historicals and this story did a good job with both of the genres. Although this is the second book in the Hampton Road Club series, it easily worked as a standalone (I hadn’t read the first one but will be going back and doing it now). I liked that the 1920’s setting adds extra tension to all the situations the men were facing. If they were discovered to be engaging in homosexual acts, they could be prosecuted for sodomy, but adding in the BDSM aspects, it makes it all the more important for all the members to be discreet and trustworthy.

Master Saul, a board member of the club, is growing concerned about some of the new members, in particular Master Preston. Master Saul also has a growing attraction to Preston’s sub Kenneth. As it becomes more apparent that Preston is abusing not only Kenneth, but other club members, Saul plans to rescue Kenneth. Kenneth has been harboring his own attraction to Saul and wants nothing more than to belong to the older Dom. As Kenneth and Saul begin their new life together, there is still the potential for danger and the possible exposure of the men and the club itself.

I thought Saul and Kenneth had wonderful chemistry and even though their relationship moved quickly due to the nature of Kenneth’s situation, it felt natural. Although Kenneth lived happily with his first Master for almost 20 years before his death, the years he spent being horribly abused by Preston caused him to withdraw into shell (sometimes it even felt as if he was much younger than a man in his thirties), essentially requiring him to learn his worth all over again. Saul also realizes Kenneth needs to relearn how to enjoy giving his submission and receiving pain while staying in the moment and not closing himself off and Saul is more than willing to indulge Kenneth’s need for extreme pain.

While I liked both MC’s, I particularly felt for Kenneth. The abuse he suffered and his despair early on was heartbreaking, especially in light of how caring and giving his nature is. Hopefully there will be some updates on Saul and Kenneth in the future books. I’m looking forward to continuing with this series.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.