Against the Wall

Against the Wall - Alexa Land Christian and Shea's book has the addicting formula I've come to expect from the Firsts and Forever series including over-the-top antics, insta-love, hot and heavy sexing and super sweet characters that exhibit unwavering love and loyalty to those they make their family and friends. This one felt a bit heavier though and I'll admit to feeling a sadness over a good part of the last quarter of the book although I know the author wasn't going to go there and off the lead character.

Alexa Land knows how to seamlessly introduce new characters and make you immediately love them (I'm already looking forward to both Chance and Zan's stories and whoever their respective love matches will be). She has created a world of quirky, loveable characters, with Nana as the over-the-top matriarch of this ever-growing family. In addition to the MC's and the newbies, the regular cast of characters is back, but this one still can work as a standalone if you haven't yet jumped into the series. I'll be eagerly awaiting Gianni's story and, knowing his penchant for older men and women, keeping my fingers crossed for who I'd like to see as his partner.