Kyle's New Stepbrother

Kyle's New Stepbrother - Brad Vance Review of Books 1 and 2
3.5 stars

This is my second foray into Brad Vance Erotica (not to be confused with Brad Vance Romance). I've read the first two short books and, like my feelings when I read [b:Luke's Brutal Abduction - The Whole Story|18714843|Luke's Brutal Abduction - The Whole Story (Luke's Brutal Abduction, #1-5)|Brad Vance||26576978], the fun the author has writing these definitely comes through when reading.

While the sex is unapologetically raw, filthy and somewhat degrading to Kyle (who is far from complaining), you can already see the affection Nick has for him underneath it all. Aside from the smutty sex, Brad Vance managed to set up the backgrounds of the two men and develop them enough to save it from being a PWP throwaway and have me hoping that one of them is willing to change their plans before their summer is over.