In the Middle of Somewhere

In the Middle of Somewhere - Roan Parrish 4.5 stars

Tough, tattooed, city boy Daniel finds himself in the middle of nowhere northern Michigan interviewing for a job as an English professor at small Sleeping Bear liberal arts college. While the interview goes well, the return trip to his hotel does not and he soon finds his car crashing into a tree to avoid hitting a dog. Rex, a shy, carpenter who is built like a god and, according to Daniel may or may not be a serial killer, appears from the woods to offer his assistance and brings both Daniel and the dog to his cabin in the woods. Not the greatest of first meetings, but Daniel is drawn to the intense Rex against his better judgment and spends the evening at the cabin. One thing leads to another, the two men share a kiss, but Daniel wakes up to an empty house. Flash forward six months and Daniel is on his way to start his new job in Michigan and worrying about possibly running into Rex again, but really hoping he does.

I really enjoyed this novel. It was so well written, with great dialogue, I can’t believe it’s the author’s first book! The relationship between the men starts off slowly, but it is quickly apparent the two opposites are just what the other needs. The sexual chemistry is undeniable, but both men are fumbling when it comes to the other parts of having a relationship. As Daniel is trying to settle into his new life, there is still the possibility that he will be moving on if a job at another school opens up in his area of expertise. Rex is a talented carpenter, with a penchant for old movies, but at times feels like he isn’t good enough to keep up with Daniel’s education and intellect and has a fear of losing yet another person he cares for. As their relationship slowly progresses they deal with jealousies and misunderstandings while trying to navigate the minefields of their pasts, one of which comes to a head when Daniel suddenly needs to return home to Philadelphia and Rex goes with him...

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