Sunset Lake

Sunset Lake - John Inman Please follow the link to see my full review posted at Sinfully...Addicted to All Male Romance

It’s been three days since I finished reading and I’m still thinking about this story...

John Inman’s descriptive writing had me right in the middle of Nine Mile and the camp at Sunset Lake. His descriptions of the town and the people really drew me in. Every secondary character had a story and a personality. This was more than just a mystery. It was a story about family. Brian’s relationships with Sam, with his brother, with his nephew and with the outspoken Mrs. Shanahan were all unique and fully formed. There is love and respect throughout, even for Mrs. Shanahan who is both the bane of his existence and one of his greatest supporters. He has a relationship with his teenage nephew Jesse that is growing stronger by the day and Brian does all he can to make Kyle’s life easier, even hiring his seemingly good for nothing father to be a caretaker at the camp. He is devoted to Sam and although his inability to make a decision on what they will do is eating at them both, their love for each other seems unbreakable. There is also a sense of humor that pops up even at the oddest times.

The mystery was so well crafted, it kept me guessing throughout. I was making notes whenever I thought someone might be the killer, ranging from “it looks like him, but probably not”, “I hope it’s her” and “please don’t let it be him!” Just when I thought things were going to be resolved, the killer outed, I had the horrifying realization that something just wasn’t right. To say that the resolution of the mystery and the events that followed left me gutted and unsettled is an understatement. While Brian and Sam are able to come to a decision and move on with their lives and their HEA, things will never be the same.

In the end it’s about family, love, and sacrifice. What would you do to ensure the safety of those who are closest to you? What would you sacrifice?