Don't Judge

Don't Judge - A.E. Via This book works as a standalone, but if you’ve been reading the series, you will remember Austin Michaels as the eager, young officer trying to land a spot on God’s task force in the previous book, Here Comes Trouble. Three years later he is a full member of the team, acting as their sniper. Although he’s found happiness in his work life, Michaels is lonely and wants what so many others on the team have found. It’s getting harder for him to be around the men with their significant others and he is becoming increasingly angry and withdrawn. Add to that a difficult relationship with his father and a raid that ends with an informant escaping with a duffle bag full of drugs and Michaels can barely contain his rage. Michaels tries to shoulder the blame for the team and jumps at the chance to track the man down, especially if that means working with sexy as sin bounty hunter God has brought in to do the job.

Judge Josephson is a bounty hunter and old friend of God’s from their Army days. He is a loner, preferring to work on his own with only his Great Dane, Bookem, as a partner. Same goes for his personal life; he gets what he needs when he needs it and doesn’t do love and romance.

“Partners died on you and left you to pick up the pieces of your shattered existence. Never again.”

Judge is aware that his bounty hunting days are coming to a close, Bookem is getting old and at forty-four, Judge is feeling more run down after each job and wants to take time to spend with his dying father. When God calls in a favor asking him to track down the lost informant, he can’t deny the man even when it comes down to being forced to take the sexy Michaels with him.
To say these two start off on the wrong foot is an understatement. Even though they are both completely attracted to each other, they are both bad ass alphas in their own right, so of course they can’t help but test and challenge the other. Judge thinks Michaels is a know-it-all and Michaels thinks Judge is an ass. This works well for the reader as the tension between the two quickly heats up even before either man realizes the other is gay.

A.E. Via knows how to write sexy alphas! When Judge gets Michaels to direct his anger from fighting to sex it’s a rough and explosive. Reading their fight for dominance in the bedroom, it’s a wonder they both come out of it in one piece! ....

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