Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows - Cardeno C.

Cardeno C can always be counted on for a sweet, feel good romance. Normally any book having to do with politics and conservative Republicans would have me thinking twice, but in this case I couldn’t resist. While the political landscape is the backdrop of this book, it is not a political book. It’s a sexy, fun opposites attract romance.

Bradford “Ford” Hollingsworth, III is continuing his family’s history of public service and is just starting his first term as a Republican congressional Representative for Missouri. The son of a long time Senator and past and future presidential hopeful, Ford has grown up in a conservative, southern family straight out of a 1950’s sit com. Ford is devoted to his life in politics, but is still naïve in many ways. At 37 years old, Ford has stayed firmly in the closet, only daring for the occasional hookup, and believes that his dream of having a family of his own will never come true.

Trevor is the opposite. Regardless of the fact that he is the only child of the sitting Democratic President of the United States, he stays far away from anything political. He has become cynical after being raised in a family that was staged for the public while behind closed doors family time was spent preparing for his father’s next election and his parents slept in separate rooms, often with other lovers. At 42 years old he is a self-made billionaire. He doesn’t believe in relationships, but knows if he ever did have one it would be nothing like the one his parents have.

Hooking up in Trevor’s home after meeting in a bar, Ford has no idea at first who he has gone home with. As soon as he finds out the truth he panics. Trevor manages to talk him down and convince Ford that he is not out to destroy his career. After that first time, the two don’t expect to see each other again, but Trevor can’t get Ford out of his mind. A chance meeting at a dinner honoring Trevor’s company sets the stage for the next seven months. The two men are not often in the same place at the same time, and Ford needs to remain discreet. Luckily Trevor is one of the richest men in the country, owns a private jet and has access to rooms in any high end, discreet hotel he wants.

As they spend more time together they both find themselves dealing with things that they never expected, such as Trevor’s jealousy when he sees pictures of Ford with various women at social events, and his questioning of his long held beliefs about his parents and politics. Ford is struggling to reconcile his faith, his ability to serve his constituents in good conscience and his family’s beliefs with his growing need to come out and be true to himself. Of course, this is a book with a political setting, so the potential for scandal on several different fronts is a big factor for everyone involved.

I loved the chemistry between the shy buttoned up, bow tie wearing Ford and the fun loving, dirty talking Trevor...

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