Mastering Love

Mastering Love - Morticia Knight Another good entry in the series. This one felt a little different as both men were experienced in the lifestyle Evan being Thomas's former sub and Ned who is looking for a boy now that he has decided to settle down. Evan and Ned have an intense time together, but even though it is clear they were very good together, Ned refuses to take Evan on.

I wasn't sure I would like Evan based on his part in what previously happened to Master Thomas, but I quickly felt for him and his situation (there is reference to previous books, but this story would work as a standalone). Ned, while clearly not a bad guy, did have me wanting to throttle him.

Thanks to the setting of the 1920's, it was different seeing some things taken for granted in contemporary BDSM books, being seen by the members of the club for the first time ever. The sex scenes seemed less intense and there was a lot of focus on Evan trying to figure out what he really wanted out of a D/s relationship. Now if we could only get Francesco and Theodore's story!