Requiem in Leather

Requiem in Leather - James Buchanan It was great being back with Joe and Kabe, this time on Kabe's turf with Joe as the "fish out of water" in San Francisco. Seriously, you can take Joe out of Utah, but Joe is still Joe.

We get to meet Kabe's family, the good and the bad, as well as his old friends who introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle. Kabe isn't always on his best behavior during this trip and Joe fears that Kabe is too easily slipping into old behaviors while out with friends, but Kabe isn't the same man he met and has grown more than Joe even realizes in the past year.

Joe out of his comfort zone is a thing of beauty and watching him struggle with expressing his feelings for Kabe, both his love and his worry that he is not enough for Kabe had me at times laughing and other times choking up. The sex between the two is still smoking hot and Joe doesn't ever let Kabe forget who is in charge.

There isn't as much of a mystery here as in the prior books, but Joe still gets to do a bit of police work tracking down a missing member of the group. I love the way Joe stands true to himself and his faith, even with all that has been thrown at him. This book really solidifies the relationship between them and is a great addition to the series.