Testing Lysander

Testing Lysander - L.M. Somerton This story was full of action, spy games and beautiful scenery as photographer Lysander Brock and his lover Kyle Dawson head into the Colombian jungle on a mission for Kyle’s mysterious employer. Brock’s trip as a photographer for National Geographic has become cover for an operation to travel to a camp of known terrorists in order to obtain photographic evidence. At this point in my review I do want to note that this novel is a follow up to the short story [b:Picturing Lysander|22612624|Picturing Lysander|L.M. Somerton|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1404249691s/22612624.jpg|42103992] (where the two men meet and the mission is set up) and it jumps right into the story. While enough information is given throughout the book to understand what is going on, not having read the first story I did feel like I missed out on some of the dynamics between Brock and Kyle that were likely addressed in that first book, and I would recommend reading the two in order.

While Kyle is a dominant, self-assured man, Brock is just as confident and adventurous. As lovers, however, Brock is submissive to Kyle, which is something new and a bit confusing to him. When things go wrong on the mission and the men are separated their strength as individuals really shines through. Through dual points of view, Kyle’s possessiveness and fear for Brock came across very well in the writing, while Brock shows incredible strength and resilience in the face of his kidnapping and torture. The story does not end with the completion of the mission and the aftermath is shown mostly from Brock’s point of view as he deals with recovering and questioning his and Kyle’s brief relationship.

There was really a little bit of everything in this story and the characters had chemistry both in and out of bed and the sex scenes were hot, with some light bondage. The adventure part of the story was well done and I could easily picture the beauty of the surroundings. While things were not easy for Kyle and Brock, the fun extra scene at the end of the story had me convinced that the men definitely would find their HEA.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.