Knight of Ocean Avenue

Knight of Ocean Avenue - Tara Lain 4.5 stars

A feel good, opposites attract story. I loved the chemistry between the two MC's. Shaz is unapologetic in his flamboyance, which is a plus in his line of work as an up and coming stylist, but can cause some problems outside of that. Billy is a gentle giant of a construction worker, with some self-esteem issues, who finds it hard to deny his family anything, even his overbearing and disapproving mother. He has sacrificed most of his life to help them and all he gets as thanks is a constant barrage of complaints about his failure to keep a woman and the way he looks.

Billy's coming to terms with his feelings for Shaz was sweet and played out nicely without getting angsty. There is a good cast of secondary characters, some stereotypical and some surprising, that lend support for the two MC's. This is one of those stories that left me smiling and looking forward to more.