Shotgun - Marie Sexton 3.5 stars

For the most part I really enjoyed this book. I was happy to go back to Coda and catch up with a lot of the men from the previous books. The prolgue was sweet and it started off really well.

I liked Lamar. He makes bad choices as far as men and is barely hanging on after extricating himself from his 2 year relationship with a married man and moving to Coda where his Aunt and Uncle live and he visited as a child. He is miserable and depressed until he meets up again with Dom, the boy he spent one night with when he was 17 and visiting for the summer. In the past 15 years, Dom has stayed in the closet. Briefly married to his best friend and mother of his 13 year old daughter (the only one who knows his secret), he had many reasons for not coming out and not really any need to. The two men try to build a friendship, but the attraction they felt as teens is even stronger. Both of them make mistakes; while Lamar pushes for more, Dom sends mixed signals saying no, then giving in then pushing away.

Dom's character quickly started to lose me, but at about 82% he did something that really angered me. Minor rant ahead: Although Dom was aware that Lamar's last boyfriend Jonas was married and didn't tell Lamar until after they were involved, then strung him along for years with stories of separation and pending divorce, he himself conceals that he is still married, even though they don't live together and have no intention of getting back together. He then throws this fact into Lamar's face after treating him like crap and ditching him for the umpteenth time. At this point I really did not want the two MC's to wind up together. I was secretly hoping that Angelo and Zach and Lamar would wind up a happy throuple at the end, although I knew that would never work. Suffice to say, I never warmed up to Dom after that point and wasn't nearly as forgiving as Lamar.

Moving on, I loved seeing Matt and Jared and Zach and Angelo again. Angelo has always been my favorite character in the series and he cemented his place in my heart once again with his friendship and support of Lamar. The story works as a standalone even though many of the characters from earlier stories reappear.