Summer Heat

Summer Heat - Tantalus, Meredith Russell Pete finally has his chance hooking up with the bear of a neighbor he’s been fantasizing about for months now. Damon is aggressive, bossy and keeps calling Pete “boy”. Damon is quite the dirty talker too, and won’t let Pete forget who is in charge, but he wouldn’t really do what he just said, would he? Pete’s fantasies probably didn’t come anywhere close to this!

Hot, dirty, kinky, fun, this erotic short doesn’t waste any time getting down to business. Pete is about to find out just how different Damon is from the twinks he usually favors and luckily we get to be in his head for the ride. This is my first read from [a:Tantalus|13878635|Tantalus|], but I would like to see more of these two exploring some of those kinks Damon promised.

Note to self - Open the next Tantalus story in the bedroom not a waiting room!