A Hard Winter Rain

A Hard Winter Rain - John Inman This was a wild ride. I would call it a gruesome crime thriller. I thought the identity of the killer was clear from pretty early on so it was mostly a game of cat and mouse for me as opposed to a mystery. This book was quite a surprise since the only other John Inman book I read was a lighter, romance.

Multiple POVs from the deranged and increasingly unstable killer, his target, the man protecting him, the team investigating and even the victims added to, rather than detracted from, the story telling.

The violence is incredibly graphic, definitely not a book for the squeamish, but the banter and snark of the team working on the case, from the medical examiner and the lead detectives to the out of state Sheriff's office, provided some needed levity. There is a romance, but it is not the focus of the story, so if you can put that aside and are looking for a creepy, thriller, this would definitely fit the bill.