An Omega's Heart

An Omega's Heart - Amber Kell 3.5 stars

I haven’t read the first book in this series, but this one follows different main characters and while it seems to pick up in the middle of an event from the first, the continuing storyline was recapped enough so I didn’t feel lost.

Conley is an omega wolf working undercover for the War Council to find out who is causing trouble in the war camps and determine if that person has allied with the vampires in their war with the wolves. Conley’s father is allied with the vampires and his mother and brother have been abducted. In the midst of all this he is approached by Jacob, a beta wolf who just happens to be Conley’s fated mate. While Conley doesn’t want to deny his mate, he cannot rest until he finds his family so he runs off. That doesn’t deter Jacob who is determined to protect his newly found mate.

This novella packed a lot of story into it. There is action, romance, hot sex, humor and evil, ugly, bloodthirsty vampires. I enjoyed the interactions between Conley and Jacob. Being an omega, Conley is supposed to be a smaller weaker wolf, but Jacob sees him in action and admires his strength, wit and loyalty. Jacob is still fiercely protective, but realizes they are stronger together when they are placed in near inescapable danger. The men have great chemistry and their banter made me smile. This was actually my first Amber Kell book and it left me wishing it was a bit longer because I was enjoying it so much. There were a few secondary characters whose story I would like to see told and I’m looking forward to reading more in the series.