Training Complex

Training Complex - Leta Blake I loved being back with Matty and Rob, but I found myself frustrated and sad for a good part of the book. Not because the book was bad, but because it was hard to read these two men having such a hard, if not unexpected, time. Three years after the end of [b:Training Season|18781329|Training Season (Training Season, #1)|Leta Blake||26690961] Matty and Rob are still living in NY, still very much in love and happy together, but both unhappy and struggling with their situations.

As Matty spirals downward and acts out, Rob is keeping all of his feelings locked down and focuses on trying to help Matty, even when he is not certain that what he is doing is right. Communication is a big issue and both men are keeping secrets, for fear of disappointing the other. I missed Matty's confidence and humor and Rob's spirit was just was broken and it took a long time for them to talk and start to pull it together. So while there was plenty of emotion throughout the book, there was just a different tone to it than the first. The emotions and love behind the BDSM scenes is still there and the times they spend together, connecting are beautiful.

Elliot, Ben and Anja are back and offering support, along with some new friends. Matty and Rob work hard for their HEA in this one, but they do get there and when they did it was perfect.