Husbands (Equals Book 4)

Husbands (Equals Book 4) - Brigham Vaughn This was a lovely end to the series. Both Stephen and Russ have grown and changed since the first book, but that doesn't mean that some of the same old insecurities don't continue to rise up, especially when Russ asks Stephen to marry him. As if that isn't enough stress, someone who had a lot to do with the way Stephen approached his relationship with Russ in the early days is back in Stephen's life. Stephen isn't the only one facing his past either as Russ decides to track down the mother who left him so many years ago.

I've really enjoyed this series and this last book has everything I've come to expect and a few things that would not have worked in the very beginning (phone sex people!). It's not smooth sailing, but Russ and Stephen finally get to their HEA. I am glad to see that there will be a spin off book for Evan and Jeremy as well. Maybe that means we haven't seen the very last of these two.