Secret - Kindle Alexander 3.5 stars

A sweet, sexy and surprisingly low drama coming out story. From the blurb I was expecting it to be rife with angst and tension, and admit to being a bit disappointed in that vein.

Tech entrepreneur Dylan and his lawyer wife Teri are expecting to send the last of their three kids off to college shortly and then move on with their lives in a BIG way. They two have an agreement as to exactly what they will do and Teri is moving forward while Dylan is still struggling with a promise he made himself. One thing that really bugged me, minor annoyance but I need to get it out. Dylan was such a drinker in college so that was his excuse for getting Teri pregnant 3 times before they graduated. What was Teri doing? I love her character, but seriously? 3 kids? On the verge of selling his chat application Secret to a huge tech company owned by Tristan, there is instant attraction between the two men. The deeply closeted Dylan tries to fight it, but Tristan is pushy, and hot, and Dylan is out of town and kind of drunk so why not? The men are hot together and Dylan, for his lack of experience, jumps right into things. When regret, remorse and fear set in, Dylan cuts ties as much as possible, while Tristan tries to come up with a plan to win Dylan back. Of course things do come to a point when everyone needs to come clean after an unexpected outing, and things could all fall apart for everyone involved.

As often as the word "wife" strikes fear in my heart when I am picking up a m/m romance, Kindle Alexander did a great job with Teri. I loved her character and her interactions with both Dylan and Tristan. I enjoyed watching Tristan try to romance Dylan and there was no lack of smoking sex as Dylan had a lot of lost time to make up for.

Personally, with so much at stake and so many things going on in the story, I did want a little more drama outside of Dylan's waffling. I kept expecting something to happen, but it never did. Regardless, I enjoyed it for what it was, a light, sexy entertaining read.