Love Matters

Love Matters - Sean Michael
Nine years after their introduction in [b:Size Matters|22550539|Size Matters|Sean Michael||42007583] (don't worry if you haven't read it, this works on its own) blind novelist Trey and sighted gym owner Lucien are still together in their unconventional relationship. They still only see each other between Trey's writing of books but Lucien wants more. Trey is afraid he will become too dependent on Lucien, thanks to some bad parenting, and has resisted anything more, although the men clearly love and are devoted to each other, but he reluctantly agrees.

I loved the times Lucien and Trey spent getting to know each other, really for the first time in 10 years. Trey has been living a reclusive life and Lucien opens up the outside world to him. I actually found myself getting a bit annoyed by all the sex scenes (which I expect in a Sean Michael book) because I wanted more of the two men interacting outside of the bedroom. The dual POV really worked in this book as the men each grew inside the relationship. There is a BDSM relationship, but it is not too heavy, and it felt natural and worked for the couple.