Once Broken

Once Broken - Kol Anderson The Broken series continues and while Aaron's story is not being left behind, the focus is on his "replacement" Carter, who was briefly introduced in the last part of the story. Rather than rehash the torture we already know comes with training, Carter's story focuses on what happens after that; what would have possibly happened to Aaron had he not escaped. Suffice to say that the torture and abuse does not end once Carter is put to work. Like Aaron before, Carter has family and friends who are unwilling to give up on finding him and they turn to the one person most likely to understand.

Of course I am left with a number of questions about where Carter is being held, those people who frequent the brothel and just how far Eric's involvement goes. On top of it all, it wouldn't be a proper Broken episode ending without the surprising cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next chapter.