Fit to be Tied

Fit to be Tied - Mary Calmes I love the dynamics between Ian and Miro. They are great partners whether for business or pleasure. The relationship moved forward nicely with some serious obstacles discussed. I had forgotten how much I really like them as a couple.

I was really happy with the playing out of the serial killer storyline that was started in the first book. Mary Calmes upped the cray-cray and the violence and put poor Miro and the reader through hell. There was definite resolution to Dr. Psycho's story - partial credit to bad ass boss Sam Kage - but I still have the feeling you get right before the movie credits roll and it says "The end(?)".

The only thing I really didn't like was the constant description of clothes with designer shoutouts. I'll admit to knowing nothing about fashion so most of it meant nothing to me, but it did annoy me enough that I would skim past those descriptions after a while.