Trouble in the Air

Trouble in the Air - M.A. Blisher 3.5 stars

The men are more committed to each other than ever in this installment, but Danny is still struggling. Adding TJ's niece Amber into the mix certainly doesn't do him any favors. I'm not sure what I think of her character. She is certainly outspoken and can be supportive when she wants, but she is definitely trouble for Danny, who is still trying to adjust to his place in the group relationship.

The best parts of the story for me are always when the men spend time with each other. There are so many different personalities that whatever coupling is on page at the time is always different from the next. I like TJ trying to balance being subby for Mitch and Antonio while being more of an authority figure for Danny and Ricky. Ricky is a sweetheart and I have a feeling he will be in for a difficult time in the next book.

Damon and Brendan's part in the mens' lives seems to be coming to a climax with a cliffhanger in this book (I definitely have my theory on who was in that car), and I have to say I wouldn't mind seeing that wrap up and having more focus on the men working through their own issues without the outside drama.