Submitting to the Darkness (Island Tales #3)

Submitting to the Darkness (Island Tales #3) - K.C. Wells I had the pleasure of beta reading this story and I say pleasure because it didn’t take long before I realized Paul and Adam were going to be one of my favorite K.C. Wells couples.

In a few short months 40 year old Adam, has gone from a vibrant, active, man in control, to a blind, depressed recluse. He is convinced that along with his eyesight, everything he had a passion for is lost to him now, from sailing, to his career as an author, not to mention his ability to be a Dom. He has cut himself off from everyone and holed up in the library of his home. He doesn’t need the caretaker his sister insists on hiring and just wants to be left alone, but this new companion is different from the others he has scared off and Adam doesn’t know what to do about that. When Adam decides to scare Paul away by hitting on him and threatening to bend him over his knee, Adam is in for a big, unexpected surprise.

Paul is 23 and recently out of school, having trained in physiotherapy. He is practical and aware of what Adam is going through. He needs this job and is not going to throw Adam a pity party. No matter how mercurial and often downright rude Adam is, Paul is determined to help him get some control back. It doesn’t hurt that Adam sexy as hell, especially when that cold mask cracks just a bit. Paul’s got a great support system of friends, including Sam and Mark and Taylor and David who were the focus of the prior books, if only they didn’t insist on trying to set him up. They mean well, but he can’t tell them that what he wants is to experience something a little less vanilla.

Just as Adam has good and bad days, so does their road to romance. When it finally seems they are forging a good working relationship, things move two steps back, but Paul is not deterred and is willing to give back as good as he gets. As they go from grudging employer/employee to working as a team, their interest in each other simmers and their first unexpected encounter left my jaw hanging open.

The beauty of the story is watching Paul help Adam realize that there is very little he has to give up once he accepts his condition and learns to adapt. Paul is so tenacious and invested in helping Adam, I couldn’t resist loving his character and in the end, neither could Adam. When Adam begins to step back out into the world, finding the things he always loved aren’t completely lost to him, he is revealed to be a passionate and sexy man who may actually have a sense of humor.

I know I’ve said it before, but seriously, K.C. Wells knows how to write sex scenes and Adam and Paul are no exception! Whether it’s dirty and quick or tender and slow, vanilla or with a hint of kink, the men have sizzling chemistry that only intensifies once their feelings get involved.

If BDSM is not your thing, don’t let that put you off of this story. The BDSM element is there and adds a little kink, but it is not hardcore. It is focused on Paul wanting to experience some kinks he has only fantasized about and while Adam is more than willing to help Paul he fears that his disability will hinder him from really satisfying Paul’s needs if he wants to explore some heavier kinks.

There is a bit of outside drama and conflict stemming from Adam’s sister’s interference in his life as she tries to “help” him. It is also the catalyst for some great moments when Paul shows just how far he is willing to go to help and protect Adam.

The setting of the Isle of Wight is again brought to life by the descriptive writing. If you’ve read the prior stories you’ll be glad to see all those familiar faces back, but the story is a standalone so you can jump right in and I definitely recommend that you do it.