Sloe Ride

Sloe Ride - Rhys Ford Quinn and Rafe are now one of my favorite couples in this series.

Quinn is, in a sense, the black sheep Morgan - he's not in law enforcement, he's incredibly intelligent and his brain is wired differently. His difficulty coping with his disorder as a teen has led the normally overprotective Morgans to be ultra-overprotective where Quinn is concerned.

Rafe is an old friend of the family, a few years older than Quinn and a close friend of Connor's. Rafe is one of the few people who ever took the time to understand Quinn. His feeling for Quinn go way back, but at the time the age difference made it impossible to be more than friends. Rafe has also had a difficult time in the past but has been fighting his addiction and is clean and sober.

I loved their connection and Rafe's understanding and acceptance of Quinn for the incredible man he is. The mystery was good, but I would have loved more time with Quinn and Rafe as their interactions were so wonderful. The Morgan clan was even more overwhelming in this story than usual and while I understood it and loved seeing Quinn stand up to them, I wanted more one-on-one with the MC's.