Fractured - Mickie B. Ashling Part of a series but is really a standalone as the main characters are new. Lance is the new dentist at Scott and Robin's practice and Ro is a patient he takes on after Ro is beaten and both men are just each other's types. The biggest stumbling block seems to be that Lance has been looking for a submissive and Ro is not interested in the lifestyle and has a dominant personality.

Ro has some secrets, but not as big as the secrets his twin brother Tony is keeping. Ro works hard with their landscaping company while also going to college. Tony is nothing but trouble and Ro is reaching his limits. I thought it got a bit over the top with what Tony does towards the end of the story, but that was just a minor quibble.

I thought Ro and Lance were a good pairing and it was interesting to see Lance reevaluating just what he thinks he needs from a relationship.