Out of Frame

Out of Frame - Megan Erickson Another enjoyable entry in the series. This one wasn't as emotional or serious as [b:Focus on Me|25140084|Focus on Me (In Focus #2)|Megan Erickson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1428364999s/25140084.jpg|44838720] and we move from road trip to cruise ship (although it seemed like a party cruise to nowhere as we never see anyone actually get off the ship).

Both JR/Jay (closeted bisexual reality show actor) and Quinn (soon to be college grad with a crush on JR) have decisions to make about their immediate future, and both have family concerns that are tangled up with those decisions. Their shipboard romance isn't easy - cameras are everywhere and JR needs to play straight - but it affects them both deeply enough to give them the confidence to make the changes they need to in their individual personal lives.

Fun, sexy and sweet, I enjoyed seeing Jay and Quinn really connect with each other despite the circus that surrounds them. It was nice to also get a quick peek at Landry & Justin and Colin & Riley (that vacation house sure is getting crowded). I'm really looking forward to Jay's castmate Levi's story coming next.