Island Doctor

Island Doctor - Sue  Brown Review originally posted at Sinfully.

This was a light, easy romance with minimal angst, a bit of stubbornness and some sweet sexy times as Jeff and Cameron fall into an unexpected romance.

Although the start of a new series set on the Isle of Wight, this series also incorporates the characters from Sue Brown’s Isle of Wight series. Fans of Sam and Liam ([b:The Isle of... Where?|14779553|The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1)|Sue Brown||20432602]) and Paul and Olaf ([b:Isle of Wishes|18216845|Isle of Wishes (Isle of Wight, #2)|Sue Brown||25644310]) will definitely want to pick this one up as those couples and their continuing stories are featured as secondary characters. If you haven’t read those books, you’ll have no problem with this one as enough information is given about these characters and Jeff and Cameron have not appeared before.

When Jeff, a general doctor on the Isle of Wight, breaks off his 10 year relationship after having confirmed his suspicions that Tristan was cheating, he just wants to return home and lick his wounds. When he runs into Cameron on the ride back, he reluctantly takes the man up on an offer to go out for a drink the next day. Jeff had only briefly met Cameron before, but knows him as the great-grandson and carer for a patient of his. When their drink turns into a day out with the Owens’, Jeff begins reevaluating the choices he’s made in the past five years. The chemistry between him and Cameron is strong, and socializing for the first time with other gay men on the island, it becomes clear that his days in the closet are going to have to end.

Although their relationship moves rather quickly it’s not completely insta-love, but Cameron does stake his claim early on. Cameron is a force of nature basically moving into every aspect of Jeff’s life and turning it upside down. He is sweet, fun, a little possessive and very stubborn. He also has moments where the disparity between his job as a mechanic and Jeff being a doctor makes him question why Jeff would want him and suspect Jeff’s true intentions towards him. While Jeff is a bit wary of things moving so quickly and of whether he is repeating the same behaviors that led to the demise of his relationship with Tristan, he clearly wants Cameron in his life for the long term.

The book is very relationship focused without too much outside interference. Jeff does have to deal with Tristan (the ex you’ll love to hate from the moment you meet him) and Cameron has his family matters, but none of that outweighs the romance. When Cameron ultimately makes a stupid, impulsive move, I liked that Jeff didn’t let him get away with it too easy, opting to “forgive but not forget”.

As far as the secondary characters go we’re introduced to the manager and the doctors at Jeff’s practice, therapist Logan (who I hope will be getting a book in the series) and Cameron’s family, but those featured most prominently are the men of the Isle series. As I’ve read all of those stories I was happy to see them again since there were threads that were not finished that carryover here. I’m not sure if new readers will find their stories confusing or distracting, but I think enough background is given when Cameron introduces Jeff to the men early on.

If you like a relationship focused story with walks on the beach, a coming out, and sexy times between two men who deserve some happiness, you’ll enjoy this story. It had a realistic feel and a lovely setting and I’ll be looking forward to the next book to see how everyone is getting along.