All I Believe

All I Believe - Alexa Land 4.5 stars

Alexa Land's books are like potato chips to me. Once I open it I devour the whole thing! I know what I'm going to get and know I'm going to love it. Once again, everything you want from a Firsts and Forever story, romance, sex, ridiculous over the top fun and danger, and of course the happiest of ever afters, is all here.

As usual, half the fun is in figuring out who ends up with the main character, in this case, Nico Dombruso, the quiet, serious law student. As Nana, Nico and Jessie head off to the Dombruso home village in Italy, Nico's love story unfolds. As described in the story, imagine if "Bruce Wayne fell in love with the Joker's son" (because Romeo and Juliet would just be a cliched and boring analogy). The family really comes together in this one and there isn't just one HEA by the time you hit the last page. Someone we've loved for a long time finally meets their match as well and it's spectacular - or maybe just a spectacle!

As the extended Dombruso family continues to grow we're going to be lucky to get a holiday novella for two characters we meet in this story, as well as books for two of the sweetest, newer adopted members of Nana's family one of which I've been eagerly waiting for so Jessie didn't end up with Nico, and he broke my heart with his drunken memories, but I'm sure he'll find someone equally wonderful and I can't wait.