If Only in My Dreams

If Only in My Dreams - Keira Andrews 4.5 stars

There was nothing not to like about this touching, feel good, second chance story. Two estranged friends, one rental car, blizzard/fog/snow-mageddon and a cross country trip where old hurts are reopened and amends can be made or they could suffer the longest, most uncomfortable car trip ever. Luckily it's a Christmas story so you can guess which one happens.

Both Gavin and Charlie made mistakes and have lived with regret for the past four years. My heart ached especially for Charlie as the past hurts are brought back to the surface. Both boys man up though and it made for a great reunion of friends and potential lovers.

Sweet and tender, plenty of feelings, a good amount of sex and of course a nice dose of Keira Andrews' dirty talk made this a top Christmas season read for me.