Quillon's Covert

Quillon's Covert - Joseph Lance Tonlet, Louis Stevens This book was not quite what I expected. It was well written and I couldn't put it down. It had me feeling a number of emotions both good and bad. It made me think and I did enjoy it, but it also left me feeling a bit off.

The alternating POVs really were necessary in this story. I understood where the authors were coming from in giving Martin and Marty such a strong relationship from the start and setting up why, but that relationship starting from when Marty was 14 made me uncomfortable from the beginning, even without there being any sexual intent. I loved how Martin loves his son unconditionally and supports him fiercely, but there was that undercurrent of it being a bit too much. Maybe it was the age thing, because frankly, I felt more comfortable with their interactions overall once Marty admitted to his feelings and was a bit older and once things turned physical it seemed only natural based on their deep connection from the beginning.

I'm going to spoiler tag the rest of the review. Marty and Martin kept their sexual relationship within the "bubble" of their two weeks per year at the cabin, but I had a lot of trouble with that concept. First Marty is gay, but Martin isn't. Martin is still happily married to his soulmate, Marty's mother and I would imagine that must have been hard. I guess Martin justifies it not as cheating but just an extension of his love for his son. Marty often brings his mother up in the course of their sexual activity and that made me really wonder about the relationships and whether there was jealousy on Marty's behalf and just kind of skeeved me. Also, they live together and when Marty is older he marries, but they still work together. I had a tough time believing that the physical aspects could really be contained to just those two weeks without it seeping out and becoming noticeable. Finally, when Marty brings his young son to the cabin, I did have issues with their lack of boundaries when it came to being intimate in front of him.

Overall I enjoyed the story and the fact that I went into it mainly for the taboo nature and titillation of the relationship, but came out really thinking about the story and the relationship outside of the sex is a testament to the authors having done a really good job.

New Year's BR with the lovely Bev 1/4/16!