To Live Again

To Live Again - L.A. Witt Review originally posted at Sinfully.

3.5 stars

Although this story is part of the Wilde’s series of books, it is basically self-contained standalone story, with appearances by a few of the other couples in the series. The title is apt as the story is completely focused on Greg and Sailo’s relationship as Greg is starting over and learning to live again after the end of his 25 year marriage.

Part of coming to terms with his wife suddenly divorcing him, Greg is going to finally test the feelings of attraction to men that he’s been suppressing for the last decade or so. When his friends, Ethan and Rhett, take him to the local meat-market/bar/club Wilde’s, Greg finds just what he’s looking for in deejay Sailo. As a one-nighter turns into seeing each other at every possible opportunity, Greg’s sexual exploration becomes the best relationship he’s had, but is it just a rebound or is it something that can be sustained long term? Also a concern for both is their children. Sailo has a 6 year old son he needs to protect and Greg has three older kids, but he is concerned about coming out to them on top of the divorce. While there’s not a lot of action in this book, there is a lot happening and a lot of choices to be made.

Greg hadn’t been attracted to men until he was in his thirties and this is his first opportunity to test the waters. His first kiss with Sailo settles for Greg that yes, his attraction to men is very real. Sailo is incredibly supportive of Greg and his situation. He understands getting over a 25 year long marriage will take time. He also doesn’t mind that Greg is only now exploring his bisexuality and is willing to be Greg’s teacher, and they do quite a bit of exploring at every opportunity. The sex scenes are many and they are as fun as they are hot!

Sailo is very laid back, understanding and accepting of Greg’s circumstances throughout most of the story. There is something that happens late in the book though and not having Sailo’s point of view, it is something that seems to come out of the blue and be out of character for him. The situation adds drama to the story, allowing Greg to face some truths about his breakup with his wife, and we hear Sailo’s side of things afterwards, but I wasn’t a fan of the way it happened.

One thing that made me very happy is that the two MC’s are both adults who, for the most part, act like it! Sailo is 37 and Greg is 47. They both have children and pasts to deal with and they actually talk to each other about almost everything. The kids are always in their minds as their friendship becomes more, but they don’t overwhelm story; in fact Sailo’s son isn’t even seen until the end of the book, and I really enjoyed Greg’s interaction with his adult children, especially his troubled son. The issue of going through the divorce is present throughout the story and what Greg was going through felt very real. From moving into an apartment, splitting up possessions, driving a new route to work and not understanding how the relationship devolved after so many years and his feelings of confusion, grief and betrayal, Greg really is starting from the ground up in many aspects of his life. Even though he’s having the best sex of his life and building a relationship with Sailo, the pain of realizing his marriage is over can’t help but rear its ugly head.

The story was well written and I really liked both men. Other than that small hiccup towards the end, I enjoyed just watching things unfold and Greg finding his feet with Sailo as his very sexy, very sweet guide. If you’ve read some of the other books in the series, Rhett and Ethan and Dale and Adam appear as friends of Greg’s and it was especially good to see Rhett and Ethan again and see the new things in store for their family. The Epilogue nicely touches base with Sailo and Greg and assures us of the strength of their relationship months down the road. This is a feel good read for anyone who likes their men acting like adults with the libidos of teenagers and enjoying discovering that anytime can be the right time to find that perfect person.