Will & Patrick's Happy Ending (Wake Up Married Book 6)

Will & Patrick's Happy Ending (Wake Up Married Book 6) - Alice  Griffiths, Leta Blake Release day review posted at Sinfully.

4.5 stars for this episode and the whole series!

For all of you who don’t like serials and don’t want to have to wait to see if the story will ever be finished, here you go. The final installment of Wake Up Married is here. No more excuses!

So once again, we pick up where we left, with Nonna giving Will the news that he and Patrick can now get divorced, something no one really wants to see happen (well maybe Ryan would enjoy it). Since the two have yet to verbally share their true feelings, Will starts thinking maybe the divorce is a good idea. He’s truly confused and the advice his sponsor and friend Owen offers only makes things worse. Owen believes Will’s feelings for Patrick are just his addictive behavior, substituting sex for alcohol. As Will decides to take a time out to figure out just what he needs and wants, Patrick makes the decision to finally voice his love for Will. So within moments of finally hearing our heroes say those three little words, the heartbreak begins.

Will needs a lot of help to work through his feelings. He has never had a healthy relationship or had one modeled for him. Dysfunction is all he knows and he can’t trust that this relationship that started in a drunken haze and continued under duress, is now real. He can’t trust his own decision making when all the decisions he’s made in the past were poor.

Patrick is devastated, but he understands what Will needs to do. That doesn’t make it any easier and he’s determined that at the end of Will’s month he is going to go get him back. He is literally counting down the minutes until it happens. When things get too difficult for him he seeks comfort with Dinah in Alabama. We finally get to meet Patrick’s foster mother Dinah and get a peek at the Patrick nobody but she has ever seen.

The whole community of Healing is back and most can’t help but offer their support and their commentary about what is going on between HottieMcBrainSurgeon and his do-gooding husband. There is even a return from Will’s ex from hell (who I’m pretty sure nobody would miss if he never came back) that leads to a confrontation that just shows how much Will has grown during the course of the story.

No spoiler because the title guarantees that happy ending, but did the authors really have to break my dear sweet Patrick’s heart on the way there? Yes, I know, Will did what he had to do. Really, I get it. And I loved Patrick’s genius move sending Will back to Kimberly without wasting a moment of time as he counts down the moments until he can see Will again, but it hurt having them apart for a good portion of the story. Outside of that I was very happy to see the way this story wrapped up. The writing throughout the serial was outstanding as the authors seamlessly shifted between laugh out loud banter, hot dirty sex and a gut-punch of feelings. The relationship between Will and Patrick is one of the sweetest and dirtiest I’ve read in a while and I am really sorry to see the story end.

So I know Leta Blake has mentioned maybe a spin-off or something else related to these books and I wouldn’t mind it one bit. There are a couple of secondary characters that could use a happy ending (especially Hartley and Uncle Kevin) and I would also love to see any bits of Will and Patrick’s future that I can get my hands on (the Epilogue promised both dogs and kids) so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. If you haven’t read this serial yet, I highly recommend it!